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Below is some information we have provided for you to save you time, money and to keep you safe.
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What do I need to know about tyre requirements?

The UK law states that your vehicle must be fitted with the correct type and size of tyre for your specific vehicle. Making sure that the correct tyres are fitted and that they are inflated to the manufacturer recommended pressure ensures road safety.

Motorists can receive fines of up to £2,500 for each tyre that does not meet the legal standard, as well as 3 penalty points should they be worn beyond the legal limit.


Making sure that you have the correct tyre pressure will prolong the period that your tyres can be used safely as well as improving fuel efficiency. The tyre pressure is dependent on the amount of air in the inner lining of your tyre.

It is advisable to check a vehicle’s tyre pressure regularly. When checking this, there are two important safety issues; over-inflation and under-inflation. Both of these eventualities can be hazardous, causing tyres to over-heat or handle poorly.

Car manufacturers provide the recommended tyre pressure for different models; this can be found in your vehicle handbook or inside the fuel tank flap on your car. This will usually take the number of passengers in your car into account.

Wheel alignment

Wheel alignment refers to the adjustment in accordance with the car manufacturer’s specification. When wheels are not correctly aligned, it can result in swift wearing of the tyres, causing poor handling of the vehicle; this can jeopardise the safety of the driver and other road users.

Bumping a kerb, striking a pothole or wearing down components of steering or suspension you can affect the wheel alignment of your car.

Wheel balancing

Unbalanced wheels can also result in excessive wear of suspension and steering parts due to excessive vibration.

By ensuring that your wheels are correctly balanced, you are helping to prevent premature deterioration of your car.

An easy way to spot any potential imbalance in your wheels is noticing if your steering wheel begins to shake above a certain speed, however a driver may not always detect an imbalance this way.

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