Tips & Tricks

Brake tips:

  • When braking, some noises indicate potential problems with the discs or brake pads; these include grinding, clicking or a loud squeal.
  • Brake pull or pulsing can be caused by warped brake discs, contaminated brake pads or faulty brake calipers; this can be remedied by replacing brake pads, discs or calipers.
  •  Brake noise or vibration can indicate worn out brake pads, faulty brake calipers or poor condition of discs; replacing these parts will remedy the problem.
  • A spongy brake pedal can indicate problems with the hydraulic system or poor brake fluid condition; this can be solved by replacing brake fluid, bleeding the hydraulic system or diagnosing the faulty component.

Shock absorber and tyre tips:

  • Defective shock absorbers extend the braking distance and the tyres wear more quickly; it is advisable to have your shock absorbers checked regularly.
  • The legal requirement for tyre tread is 1.6mm; it is recommended that you replace your tyres before reaching this limit.
  • Tyre wear is affected by driving habit, alignment settings, tyre pressure, worn suspension and worn shock absorbers.

Light and visibility tips:

  • Visibility is crucial to safety, regularly checking the performance of your wiper blades is important.
  • Cracks, ridges or tears in the rubber can cause streaking and haze formation; if this happens, get your blades replaced.
  • Change your wiper blades at least once a year.
  • Driving with dipped headlights at all times enables cars to see you sooner and reduces accidents.

Inspection and oil service tips:

  • Seasonal checks improve safety all year round.
  • Briggate Garage can change your engine oil and fit a new oil filter.

Recommended checklist of items to keep in your car in case of a roadside emergency:

  • Jump Leads
  • Inflated spare tyre
  • Pen and paper
  • Jack
  • Emergency contacts
  • Torch and extra batteries
  • Reflective devices
  • Ice scraper
  • First aid kit
  • Tyre pressure gauge
  • Windscreen washer liquid
  • Blanket
  • bottled drinking water
  • Copies of relevant documents and insurance details
  • Paper towels
  • Disposable camera
  • Mobile phone